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Welcome aboard the USS Majesty - NCC-73819! The Majesty is the Fleet Operations Starship within the Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet's Command Taskforce, her Captain, Rear Admiral Callum Jackson, SSRF's Fleet Chief of Operations, has been in the centre chair for almost four years now. Her Captain would describe her as the finest ship and crew in Starfleet, so come join us as we head out into the unknown, ready for everything, but still somehow surprised that there's a Cardassian waiting to try and blow us up.

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Posted on Sun Jul 22nd, 2018 @ 4:10pm by Rear Admiral Callum Jackson in Website Update

Hi All,

We had some issues with our website that have resulted in total loss of data. I have gone ahead and set us back up, if you were a member of the Majesty crew before this data loss, please sign up with your original character info for the position you last held.

Sorry for the inconvenience.